Alumni Outlook - A New ASMS Publication for Alumni Outreach

Seasons Greetings! [Webmaster's note: this was originally written in December but was not published until now] Below is a link to a new ASMS publication, the Alumni Outlook. The mission of the Outlook is to build community among alumni, faculty, and staff by sharing news, accomplishments, and insights related to ASMS. The Outlook, published twice a year, seeks to improve and simplify communications with ASMS graduates.

Alumni Outlook - Winter 2011


Sarah Gelsinger Brewer, class of 2000

ASMS Alumni Weekend


Dear Alum:


SAVE THE DATE:   This year we are celebrating alumni weekend June 10th - 12th.  All alumni are invited. 


We are hoping this weekend will serve the needs of most alums.  It will be summer (popular request), but AIMS summer programs will be in session so many faculty will be around.  It is early summer so it isn't too terribly hot. However, since school will not be in session, we won't be having the "attend a class" event or alumni guest speakers at assembly.  We are still searching for the "best" weekend to hold alumni weekend and felt like trying this time this year.


Celebrating special years will be the classes of:  1996, 2001,and  2006.


ASMS Car Tags

Dear Faculty, Staff, Alumni and Parents,


ASMS Alumni Foundation License Plate

You can now get an Alabama ASMS license plate. To help out, go to the tag's Facebook page and read more about how to get it.

By purchasing this plate, you will help ASMS students with financial aid and help meet other needs. For every person that purchases this tag for an additional $50 per year, the school will receive a check for $41.25.


A New Beginning!

Welcome to the new and improved ASMS Alumni Website. It's taken entirely too long, but there's a fresh install of everything needed to get everything running again.

But, there's too much for any one person to do. So if you want to help contribute anything to the site, please let me know and I can hook you up. We're looking for Alumni related news events, life updates, or just about anything that you think would be of interest to fellow ASMS Alumni.

All of the old user accounts are going to be migrated to this site, but that may take a bit. In the meantime, let me know what you most want to see on the site and I'll try to make that a priority.

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