Corporate Gift Matching


OK, so the past few stories have been leaning heavily on how to donate or help ASMS out financially.  Well, a lot of that is because of the heavy budget cuts that the school has taken over the past two years.  While I don't live in Alabama any more, even I have heard a lot about the educational funding cuts that have happened there lately.  But if anyone has a good write-up on it or would like to either put it up here or can refer us to a good story on it, please let me know and I'll put it in as a reference.

And until then, it doesn't hurt to remember that a lot of corporations have matching donation programs that will either match a portion of your donation or 100% of it to non-profit groups such the school or the Alumni Foundation.  Sometimes they're limited to only colleges (as I was recently told by my company), but often it's any charitable group.

With that said, apparently Debbie Manning received word that Northrup Grumman recently changed their program to expand the number of matches they'll do in a given year:

Effective immediately, the Northrop Grumman Foundation is expanding the number of matching gift requests that can be submitted by Northrop Grumman employees from two to four requests.

The match cap will continue to be $1000.

Example: If an employee has already received two matches for the year, they are now eligible for two more IF the combined amount of the first two matches was UNDER $1000.  Many employees give small amounts ($50, $100, $250) and we hope this expansion of our Matching Gifts program will allow them to give even more.

 This expansion is not retroactive and only includes 2011 matches. 

 Please feel free to share this information with eligible Northrop Grumman parents, alumni etc. who give donations through your institutions.