ASMS Alumni Foundation License Plate

You can now get an Alabama ASMS license plate. To help out, go to the tag's Facebook page and read more about how to get it.

By purchasing this plate, you will help ASMS students with financial aid and help meet other needs. For every person that purchases this tag for an additional $50 per year, the school will receive a check for $41.25.


In order to purchase the tag, the following procedure must be followed starting on December 1, 2010:1. Visit your local county license plate office, complete a "Commitment to Purchase" application, and pay a $50 tag fee. 2. Until we reach the minimum requirement of 250 purchases, you will keep your current tag and nothing will change.3. Once you have visited your tag office, please email with the way you want to be contacted if/when the tags are available for pickup (phone, email, Facebook name, etc.). Note: Alabama and your local office will not alert you when the tags are ready.
If/when the number of tags purchased reaches 250, then the State will manufacture the plates and deliver them to your county license plate office for pickup. To receive your tag, you must bring the following:1. The original “Commitment to Purchase” application.2. The original county receipt showing that you have paid the $50 fee.Copies will not be accepted.
If the plate does not receive 250 purchases by November 30, 2011, the money gathered will be sent to the school but the tags will not be made.