Corporate Matching

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Corporate Gift Matching


OK, so the past few stories have been leaning heavily on how to donate or help ASMS out financially.  Well, a lot of that is because of the heavy budget cuts that the school has taken over the past two years.  While I don't live in Alabama any more, even I have heard a lot about the educational funding cuts that have happened there lately.  But if anyone has a good write-up on it or would like to either put it up here or can refer us to a good story on it, please let me know and I'll put it in as a reference.

And until then, it doesn't hurt to remember that a lot of corporations have matching donation programs that will either match a portion of your donation or 100% of it to non-profit groups such the school or the Alumni Foundation.  Sometimes they're limited to only colleges (as I was recently told by my company), but often it's any charitable group.

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