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Corporate Gift Matching


OK, so the past few stories have been leaning heavily on how to donate or help ASMS out financially.  Well, a lot of that is because of the heavy budget cuts that the school has taken over the past two years.  While I don't live in Alabama any more, even I have heard a lot about the educational funding cuts that have happened there lately.  But if anyone has a good write-up on it or would like to either put it up here or can refer us to a good story on it, please let me know and I'll put it in as a reference.

And until then, it doesn't hurt to remember that a lot of corporations have matching donation programs that will either match a portion of your donation or 100% of it to non-profit groups such the school or the Alumni Foundation.  Sometimes they're limited to only colleges (as I was recently told by my company), but often it's any charitable group.

Bruno's green Receipts for ASMS

For those of you living near a Bruno's Supermarket, here's a quick note from Debbie Manning on how you can help raise some money for ASMS with almost no effort on your part:

Just a reminder to save your Bruno's green receipts. ASMS can receive cash for any receipts dated after January 3, 2011 through June 2011.  Just mail them to Bebe Lindsey, ASMS, 1255 Dauphin St.,  Mobile, AL  36604.

Thanks, every bit helps!

ASMS Car Tags

Dear Faculty, Staff, Alumni and Parents,


ASMS Alumni Foundation License Plate

You can now get an Alabama ASMS license plate. To help out, go to the tag's Facebook page and read more about how to get it.

By purchasing this plate, you will help ASMS students with financial aid and help meet other needs. For every person that purchases this tag for an additional $50 per year, the school will receive a check for $41.25.


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